Digitization and film transfert
Formats : 8 mm - Super 8 - 9,5 mm - 16 mm
Télécinéma Debrie Memory HD
Haute définition 1920x1080
Numérisation diapositives
Scan très haute définition
Numérisation et transfert vidéo
Formats grand public et formats professionnels
Expertise et valorisation
Prise en charge de fonds audiovisuels
Une famille...
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The digitalization for private individuals and professionals

Specialized in the digitalization, the transfer and the protection of the different formats of media recording, our studio is equiped to convert all the obsolete supports to the current standards. We take over of a multitude of amateur and professional, analog and digital formats, among others the 8 mm, super 8, 9.5 mm, 16 mm, as well as all the video formats on magnetic tape and the still images medium (opaque, transparent, glass, in cellulose acetate or paper). The work is fully performed by our team in our studio.